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Naive little Aloïs

ooc: .-. my hand slipped and …this is the result

ooc: I know it’s the damn 21st century but tradicional drawing went out of fashion? I could learn to use stupid drawing programs but I like to draw in old traditional way yet it saddens me how lots of people can’t appreciate it anymore.. ¬n¬

Life for a life

"Hold on a little longer.. please!" - These phrases came out of the room for some time, again and again, amid the loud groans. In the last stage of pregnancy Alois got female body one more, because it was the only possible way to give birth. Despite the fact that Malo wasn’t the best husband lately, the red-haired was immensely worried. Alois increasingly weakened, lost too much blood, the child, however, was only half-way.

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"Ippen.. shinde miru?”

Anonymous says: If you take drawing requests can you please draw more hell boy Wilson? He was rather handsome. Thank you!

ooc: Sure! I’ll draw him then. You didn’t specify how to (I mean pose, situation etc) but never mind.

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ooc: This woman makes my life a living nightmare! She’s a whore, walks around the street and molests others. She does free sex. Go ahead , message her, ask her phone number for sex phone. She’s too lazy to work so she walks on street to pick up man to have sex with and steals their money. That’s exactly what this parasite does.

A young suitor

ooc: Young modern Alois Racine. Follow.

ooc: I know it sucks since it was drawn in traditional way but oh well..here have some demon Wilson.

ooc: Here, have some Wilson. I’m gonna color him tomorrow.

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Do you ever start a series and the entire time you’re watching the first episode you have your eye on that one character?


That one.

I want him.

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I just can’t stop listening this..

// that gif…

ooc: I give up on the stupid give aways… I’ve tried many times. I’ve been following those blogs, liked and reblogged their posts everyday and I’ve never won anything..

" 恨み。。。聞き届けたり "